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Hear what our client's have to say:

"I had always heard about flaws in the system. After a horrible experience where a family member of mine collapsed right in front of me I had no idea what to do. After that experience I signed up with Life On Line ID. About a year and a half ago I was at one of the shopping centres and started having serious chest pains. I contacted the Life On Line ID control room. They arranged everything from an ambulance to hospital, informing the hospital and making sure my family were updated with my condition and where I was. Thank you Life On Line ID you saved my life".


"While I was away on business my child attended a friend's birthday party. Being a single parent there is always a fear of something going wrong. She had a fall and broke her arm. Before I was notified my daughter asked her friends mom to please phone Life On line ID to get help. By the time I was notified by the controller she had already been accepted into the hospital, seen by the doctor and had x-rays done. Thank you for taking care of my child you have my support all the way."


"2 Months ago I signed up with a medical ID company called Life on Line ID and it saved my life. On the 12th of August I was involved in a horrific accident. I was in a coma on the side of the road when someone stopped and looked at the MRU bangle on my arm, they called Life On Line and gave my code. Life On Line sent the paramedics and gave all my details over and I didn't have my medical aid card on me but thanks to Life On Line I was taken to a private hospital because they had all my medical details stored on their system. Thank you Life on Line you saved my life."


"It has given us wonderful peace of mind to know that the Life On Line control room is on call whenever we need them! With 100 children in our care the inevitable accident happens, thankfully nothing too serious! Life On Line respond to our calls immediately and are with us as quick as a flash!We also appreciate the first aid courses on offer to our staff and parents.Thanks Life On Line!"

Due to client confidentiality names will not be documented for the public. Original documentation is available to be viewed with client consent.

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